Tuesday, July 21, 2015

tuesday #justsaidit

So today was like any other average day here. spending the afternoon in the library and getting Chinese food delivered was alright only because of the food. doing my whole PSA by myself is stressful. but I'm glad I have friends that will help even tho they aren't in my group. also getting late night dominos is the greatest. touring the college tonight was fun also. getting to know these people had been great I'll miss them. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday of joys

today Arabic started and surprisingly it's easier than Turkish. I like it better then Turkish. the original 4 is back haha. the weather claimed it was supposed to "pour" but it was super hot and it didn't rain a drop. 

Sunday fun day

today was our Olympics and my team sadly lost. Ricky Bobby always said "if you ain't first you're last" so yeah. it's okay though. I got absolutely  drenched twice and I wasn't all that happy about it. 


so today everyone literally was dead after the dance last night. it was so much fun. I wish it could've lasted longer. laundry on a Saturday is always fun. lol. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Friday fun

the dance party last night was the most fun I've had in forever. dancing and screaming and socializing with everyone was a blast. all of us girls went to one room and did eachothers hair and makeup and then we "fashionably" showed to late. I feel like we were the life of the party. screaming when our favorite song came on was so much fun. love these people long time. also Ecuador exchange came yesterday and I met some pretty awesome people. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

tuesday #nonew

today was like any other day here. photography was fun and of course my Turkish class was fun. my friends make my classes fun. I'm glad I decided to come. living the college life is great. 😎


so today the cheer camp started and billions of cheerleaders are here and I just so happened to run into my best friend. I'm so glad were close again. today has seemed to fly by and tonight should be pretty relaxing.  I'm looking forward for Saturday. working on canvas all afternoon is boring lol I can't wait for the dance party :-)